Sour Spanks

Sour Spanks are sour chewy candy balls in assorted fruit flavors.
They are so sour, they spank your mouth. Flavors include cherry, watermelon, tangerine, lemonade, green apple, blue raspberry, grape, black punch, and brown sugar. Sour Spanks are super sour on the outside, yet sweet on the inside. So if you love Sour, we recommend eating Sour Spanks slowly. If you need to get to the sweet, just chew them as soon as you put them in your mouth, and you will enjoy some sweetness. Sour Spanks are available with a White Sour Coating, and with a new White Xtreme Sour Coating. Sour Spanks come in 5 lb bulk bags, 10 lb bulk bags, and in prepackaged bags or boxes.